Lately I have been on an Abraham Hicks kick. Abraham is a collective loving group consciousness that is brought in through deep meditative states by an incredible woman named Ester Hicks. When I first started listening to the teaching from this dynamic group, the recordings came on cherished cassette tapes that my friends and I lovingly passed around. These channeled messages were some of the first teachings I read and listened to, and for me the wisdom was pure Reiki with words.
It's all about you..... I thought I would post a simple example of how everything is happening within us first and then reflects itself outside. This morning I woke and found my husband already up. In my sleepy state I went to find him. The smell of oatmeal lead me to the kitchen where he was watching videos on his computer and making steel cut oats. On his computer was the video clips about the Paris shootings by the Al Qaeda sect. I wanted a hug but he was in the middle of this annoying and terribly negative piece. I nudged up to him but got no response so I shuffled back to bed pouting.

This is the image that inspired me to trust and rent the Kahala Beach house in Kauai and offer Karuna Reiki training there this summer. This statue of Quan Yin (the patron of Karuna Reiki) is seated in the corner of an open room with floor to ceiling glass windows looking out to the northernmost point of the Kauai shores.

On the first morning of my stay in Kauai, I hiked down to the beach for sunrise with the amazing Sarah Wheeler and our chef and my dear friend from forever, Staci Curry. After a few slow and gentle yoga poses, we stood with our arms open to the wind and our faces tilted up towards the sun. The temperature was perfect. The surf was slow and easy and everything glistened. Something happened to us in that moment that has never happened to us before.

We received an attunement directly from the universe.





I have not shared in a while. I have been changing and growing and digging deep. It's winter and that is what I do in the winter. I look inside and go deeper.

Over the holidays I went to see a movie about the Hubble space telescope at the Smithsonian in DC. Sitting in the presence of my entire family, 23 of us watched as the universe opened up in front of our 3-D eyes. Together we soared through the solar system and found ourselves at the edge of the telescopes capability, the awe inspiring Orion Nebula, a star nursery.