"The Leverage That Creates Worlds"

February 2-15

The Vortex with Bonnie Tarantino "The Leverage That Creates Worlds" Abraham Hicks Lately I have been on an Abraham Hicks kick. Abraham is a collective loving group consciousness that is brought in through deep meditative states by an incredible woman named Ester Hicks. When I first started listening to the teaching from this dynamic group, the recordings came on cherished cassette tapes that my friends and I lovingly passed around. These channeled messages were some of the first teachings I read and listened to, and for me the wisdom was pure Reiki with words. Now 25 year later, I have found these teachings again. In order to access them, all I do is simply say to my iPhone..... "Abraham Hicks Youtube".

At my finger tips are hundreds of recordings of these amazing guides. Most of the recordings are 8-10 min long. I usually get in the car, put my seat belt on, cue one up then start my drive. (And yes my kids listen to them as well) In listening to these teachings again I have had some huge epiphanies lately that I wish to sum up for you. Everyone is a reflection of you and where you are vibrationally. If you really look into each other's eyes, right into the eyeball, what you will see is a little mirror reflecting back at you! It is actually true that if you really look closely at someone you will see yourself. Everything, and I mean everything, is a reflection of how close or far away you are from the Source. When you are frightened, worried, confused, alone, judgmental, angry, forceful or even abusive to yourself or others, Source simply does not agree with you. Source can only align with truth. When you are not in truth, not in love, then you are simply cut off. That is why perception is so important for healing and for forgiveness.



It is like when you are watering your garden. A hose is designed to water your garden with water.A hose is not designed to spray acid or mud. If you tried to water your garden with mud, the mud would clog up the hose and the water would not reach the end of the hose easily. Like murky and unclear thinking, Source has trouble directing through incorrect thought. Abusive thoughts are even harder to Source; they are like acid. What if we tried to run acid through a hose? Would it not cause the hose to break down completely? So too with Source. If Source does not agree with your thoughts, you get cut off. The more intense and heated the incorrect thought, the more intense and faster your disconnection. When you are "cut off " you feel horrible, alone and willful. The more intense the reaction, the more negative and unhappy you feel and the further your actually are from the truth. When you are reactive, angry and doing it all on your own, your perception is not clear. Your lack of clarity takes you further from truth and further from Source. I can hear you saying, "But what if I am very clear that this person is a total ass and driving me crazy!" And to that I say "Oh I know!" Here is what I do with that.

When I hear myself very clear in judgment and I am agitated with someone, I am running on what I call my tug boat power. That tug tug feeling of carrying an annoying person through a moment in time is my cue that I am going upstream. All I have to do to shift is let go of the thought I am having as being correct. I am simply not seeing the situation through the eyes of wisdom. Source, love or God, however you like to define it, will not make a connection to you energetically if the feeling or thought you are having is out of alignment with love or truth. Let "the leverage that creates worlds" turn your boat around. Have you ever watched a tug boat tugging a huge barge up river? Well that is what most of us are capable of. We can go upstream. We can go against all odds. We can fix it dammit! Not only that, but we can actually take huge loads of cargo and passengers with us in the process. We are powerful. After a while though, we run out of fuel and when we do, we start running on resentment, ego, and for me personally, sugar. We go and go, even though we are tired and know it is not working.

Then something happens and we start to feel our engine gears revving up. Then out of nowhere it all gets really heavy. At that point we are called to lighten the load and disconnect the barge that we have clipped into other peoples lives and problems. Often when we first "unhook" there is a feeling of powerlessness, uselessness and even a feeling of selfishness. In the humility, vulnerability and surrender of letting others set their course we basically are putting our oars in the boat. If you are in a boat on a river and you put your oars in the boat while going up stream there is a period of time where the current corrects you. The current that comes up in the stillness of not doing will gently and gracefully turn us in the right direction. This current is the same current that has leveraged worlds into existence.

I have been practicing putting my oars in the boat and feeling Source turn me toward it. It is an amazing feeling once you start allowing for it. What is even more amazing is that I can now feel sooner when the current is going against me. I have a clear physical sensation of when I am turned away from Source. Now when things get hard, emotional or confusing all I have to do is stop, breathe and wait. In those moments of waiting and floating, I am inspired to an easier more loving way to perceive or approach the same task. The best part about letting this current of love correct my misguided upstream course is that I know now that down stream eventually opens up to oceans and oceans of unimaginable love and wisdom. 


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One last beautiful thought to consider. You would not have the desire for something outside of you unless you already had what you desired within. Desire is a form of inspiration. The very act of wanting is Source whispering to you that what you want is already in place for you to experience. If you desire peace, does it not come from knowing peace? If you desire love, does it not come from knowing love? I know my desire to connect and share with you comes from the knowing of what it is to connect and know you already. Therefore, I so hope to get a chance to spend more time with you this spring.