Its All About You

January 2015

It's all about you..... I thought I would post a simple example of how everything is happening within us first and then reflects itself outside. This morning I woke and found my husband already up. In my sleepy state I went to find him. The smell of oatmeal lead me to the kitchen where he was watching videos on his computer and making steel cut oats. On his computer was the video clips about the Paris shootings by the Al Qaeda sect. I wanted a hug but he was in the middle of this annoying and terribly negative piece. I nudged up to him but got no response so I shuffled back to bed pouting. While back bed I took myself through a process I use to activate Reiki and shift mood and emotion. First I know thoughts and feelings reveal vibrational levels so I just got quiet and listened to what I was feeling.

My vibration was negative and low and went something this this, "I can't stand that he watches this crap all the time, here I am so sleepy and soft and all I wanted was a hug and attention and he would rather watch crap on his computer. Here I am trying to raise consciousness and inspire myself and others to stand in love and he is part of what is propagating hate by all the time he spends watching this fnk sh#t." ( I sound worse then the news at this point don't I?)

Then I moved into the process of Reiki and shifting responsibility to my self. "Bonnie what are you feeling?" I am feeling like I need attention (This is not a new feeling) "What else?" I shift in the bed and give Reiki to my heart and solar plexus. I am feeling unsafe because the world is nuts and I can not control it and I just woke up and my man is already out there on some level fighting the war against terror and was too busy to see me.

Now I can feel the reiki in my hands moving into my heart. "Bonnie are you at war right now or are you safe right now?" I am safe. "Bonnie can you put down our war like thoughts and choose safety? Do you realize you are now getting the most beautiful and loving attention right now. This love is pure, wise and exactly what you require at this moment. No person on this earth can give you the vibrational equivalent to the source pouring through you at this time." I am starting to feel it. My bed is so nice, the sheets clean and cool, the blankets heavy and warm. The sun is shining.

"Bonnie do you feel you have a the power in this moment to get up and ask for a sweet hug if that is what you need? Before you do though can you let the guy off the hook and go in there with the vibration of acceptance, appreciation and love?" Yes

"Do you know that you can create in this moment exactly what you need?" Yes

"Even if you go out there and seek a hug and you don't get the exact hug you want can you let the that nice guy off the hook and let him wake up in the way he wishes and be the man who is protecting you and your family. Can you let him be the guy who is keeping his pulse on the world so you can meditate on love and teach Reiki and go back to bed on a cold saturday morning and feel the warm sheets and gaze at the blue sky through those beautiful french doors?"

Wow, that is a sweet way of looking at it. I do love that he protects us. I am so safe. "Do you know that you do not have to wait. Right now you can have attention, safety and even the control to feel what you want?" Yes I know but he really is so (this and that and this and that). Really he is.."

"Can you let him off the hook and love him for who and what and where he is right now?" Yes I can. I can feel the energy of gratitude for him building.

"Do you want to stay in judgement and fear and terror or shift right now? Are you willing to chose to be free and let him off the hook and get what you need right now from the universe?" Big breath.. I let is go.. I can feel it lift. Soft love is oozing out of me. I love that guy.. He is so good. He already made a pot of coffee and oatmeal. He is up early because he has to take Jack to baseball. I get up, go back into the kitchen. (By the way only 5 minutes have gone by, I am not kidding 5 minutes of all this stuff)

This time I go out and say "Hey hon, I would love to hug" "Ok babe," he says. I get this nice hug. Then he turns back to his computer, I feel myself drop a bit and then I connect again with source. "Let him be and just love it says."

Then he says "Wow.. Michael Sam got married." "Who is he?" I ask

"He is the first gay professional football player to come out of the closet. Actually you have to listen to this amazing speech he made at the ESPY awards." Now we are at the kitchen table and he has me listening to this amazing speech . The speech is really moving and this guy Michael is only 23 years old. Now we are both welled up because this speech is so highly vibrational and so filled with love. It means so much to me because my brother is gay. Scott knows the of raising consciousness on this subject is dear to me and here I am sitting in the sun with this great guy who is showing me how much is going on in the world of sports to raise consciousness. Four inspirational videos later was are sitting close at the kitchen table on our second cup of coffee with Maya tucked in his arms feeling safe, loved and acceptance on so many levels right along with me and all I did was let the guy off the hook, turn inward and activate Reiki.